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We Six Together – Mike, his 4 sisters and the voice in his head – Brother and 4 Sisters Incest – Part 1


Series Overview: Incest Story between A Brother, 4 Sisters and the Voice which is a piece of Mike’s own perverted subconscious and is single-minded on his one goal of getting pussy. Story is a Perfect Harem of 4 Sisters. Later on Other Characters too Add Up. MIKE – Brother SARAH – Sister DANNI – Sister BETH – Sister EMMA – Twin Sister In the Story Danni is almost gang raped, that made her needy, Mike is both security and sex. There was already sexual tension between them. Emma has a close relationship and being a virgin her focus is her twin, and sex between them is a foregone conclusion. Sarah is a sexy girl trying to hold a family together and willing to provide herself sexually for the family, give Mike the needed sex he requires to hold the family unit together, plus she has needs. Beth is candy as she is the youngest of all the Sisters. In many stories, it’s the Guys that Seduce, but in this story it’s just the Sisters who do such a thing. Story Build-up is gradual and is most like a Fore-play which will make the Climaxes more Kinky and Steamy. Due to this, Every Other Part in this Series just keeps getting Hotter and Hotter.

First Part Overview: Story Starts with voices in the MIKES head and then a bit of introduction of sisters and later on finally Sex with the Eldest Sister SARAH. SARAH has got both Motherly Nurturing Side and her Sexy Side. The sex between them is especially hot since it showed how much they love each other. In Next Series Sisters lose Virginity to Mike and there are threesomes and more sex.


A Boy in Land of Babes – Incest / Taboo Temptation Story Series between Brother and 6 Sisters and later on with Mother – Part 1


The Incest Story in this book is among a younger brother and his 6 Sisters and later on with Mother featuring different Tempting Taboos comprising of seduction, foreplay and lots of steaming sex.

Story moves slowly after fucking one-by-one elder sisters and then taking off the virginity of the youngest sister. After this Mother gets involved and 2 sisters gets pregnant and then again fucking pregnant sisters.

The narration of the part where Kim loses Virginity is so elaborate and detailed that you could actually feel taking her virginity!!The Story ensures the Perfect job of inter-relating characters. Later on as story moves Mother gets spanking from her daughter to make her disciplined taking the story to a complete different level.

Story includes several forms of erotica between M-F and F-F including Sex, Losing Virginity to brother, Anal Sex, Lesbian Sex between sisters and mother, Spanking of mother and finally sisters getting pregnant.

This book is not an ordinary book of 20-50 pages but a Novel of Incest, Forbidden Lust and Taboo Temptations.


Mary & her brother George get kinky with their Family – An Incest Story Series – Part 1

Mary and Her Brother get Kinky with their Family

The story line develops at a carefully-slow pace. The Story starts with a brother seeing his sister Mary having sex with her boyfriend & then Story starts and don’t just keep it bro/sis or mom/son but all of the family, including the cousins and Aunt are together in the Incest world having a Damn Hot Orgy. This book is not an ordinary book but a Novel of Incest, Forbidden Lust and Taboo Temptations.



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